Blank Canvas –
The Unconference

We believe in lifelong learning and that we can create something together. We're bringing together speakers and the community for a day of collaboration and innovation. Calling for anyone passionate about innovation, creativity and a willingness to learn (from thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business professionals to students and many more).

The Blank Canvas Unconference is a unique opportunity to step outside the box and explore new possibilities. Join us and be part of something truly special.

For whom?

This is for speakers, panelists, attendees, cooperation partners and overall companions of the Fifteen Seconds Festival. Despite the circumstances, we all crave the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and be inspired. 

What to expect?

We are convinced that everyone has something valuable to contribute. That's why we're taking a unique approach to our talks and panel discussions, meaning: No pre-defined agenda: We'll start with a blank slate and let you decide what you want to bring to the table. Putting the final agenda together is our job then. One thing is clear, it will be one day full of talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

You had a ticket for the Fifteen Seconds Festival?
You planned to attend or even speak at the conference?

This is your chance to share your knowledge, curiosity, and ideas with like-minded people and help us paint this blank canvas together.

We'll provide the space, the energy, and a community of passionate individuals. You bring your knowledge, ideas, and innovation power to co-create. 
Let's get back to the core of the festival: Networking, Sharing Knowledge, Discussion, Making Meaningful Connections, Getting Inspired, and Innovating. Let’s keep shaping tomorrow!

Don't let your travel plans go to waste! 
This is your chance to turn them into a unique and enriching experience.


{Why Blank Canvas?}

In the world of art, a blank canvas represents a limitless space of possibilities, waiting to be transformed by the artist's imagination and creativity. Similarly, the "Blank Canvas Unconference" is an event designed to empower participants to co-create and shape 
their ideas.

Just as an artist uses a blank canvas to bring their vision to life, we invite you to use this event as a platform to share your ideas, collaborate with others, and help us paint the next chapter.

Together, we can transform this blank canvas into an extraordinary experience that will inspire and ignite innovation for years to come.

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Participants: Matthias Bayr Joachim Baldauf Nina Devi Zangl Mike Fuisz Goran Golik Helge Haberzettl Barbara Haas Manisha Joshi Jakob Kattner David Kleinl Janet Kuschert Christian Lendl Oana Leonte Ina Lins Craig Matthews Martin Mössler Elli Obermann Simon Pointner Robert Puchalla Benjamin Pokropek Christina Schirmbrand Hans Strobl-Aloni Joanna & Robert Six Nina Vogel Elisabeth Wagner Reinhard Wagner Tess Wehmeyer Elka Xharo